The Early Worm

Our grandchild awaits. We’re waiting too! Oh my. What are the chances that babies even happen??? HAHA.  My ears burnas the world turnsto discerna patternthat music earnswhen it learnsof font kernsthat overturnVan Cliburna piano churnthat upturnsa smile downturnedwhen the butter churnburnsto spurnthe early worm.It’s their turnto get the bird. 

Tent Weeds

Monday, September 28, 2020 The rabbit-full coyote lazes in the bushes under a brown Cleveland sky where the clouds wear polka dot ties and green belts under a rainbow man that has soot on his sleeve coming from crumbling chimneys where the old mill used to make tires that rarely roll on these less-traveled-by roads. A used-to-be-cute little girl in a ragged red dress and pasty-pink pinafore sucks at selling bedraggled bouquets to penniless people for a dime. They save their pennies to buy a bouquet for loved ones who have lost their lives to the tiny spiky Covid marauder...
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Where Are You From?

I am from the stars. Dust. Silver-striped meteorites blown to bits by a goddess’s rage at being shunned by her lover. He left in the middle of the night the day before yesterday in cosmic time, which could have been before the earth existed. Or it could have been a second ago. I am from the beach. Sand. Washed ashore with kelp around my waist, starfish nibbling at my toes. My scalp teems with tiny organisms that lived there until now. They try to scamper back to the salty sea, yet their microcosmic feet tangle in my hair. I am from the mountains. Rock. From high...

Changing Names

I listened to a Duolingo French Podcast today, and it talks about a young man who discovers that his grandfather changed his surname from a Jewish name to a French name during the war. The young man tried to change his name to his grandfather’s name but was told he could not because of the French laws at the time. * Spoiler Alert*: Eventually, he was able to change his name. Times and laws change. Photo by Djalma Paiva Armelin on Our names are particularly important to us – both our first and last names. I changed my first name from...

Checking Boxes

I took Seth Godin's altMBA class. It had been on my list since 2017! Yay. I finally took it. Check. Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on I wanted a one-and-done. I wanted the magic ticket from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The golden ring on the Merry Go Round. You’d think I was old enough to know that checking a box and doing the work are two different things. I checked the box. The checked box stares at me. I stare back. We know one of us will lose.“I have to go on to the next box,” I say.The...