In Tom Peters’s book The Pursuit of WOW (Every Person’s Guide to Topsy-Turvy Times), he asserts via Bob Pressman, Co-CEO of Barneys, that 'safe is risky.' In other words… same old same old doesn’t excite anyone. Those people and companies that look the same and act the same as everyone else are not safe these days. Kodak. Blockbuster Video. (WHO!?)…Lol. By always playing it safe, we can remain invisible. By keeping our heads down, our eyes diverted, we don’t have to face risk. And we will be “safe.” There is no safe place. Covid taught us that. So… the better course is...
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The Coat of Me

What color is my coat? Green? No. I do not like green.But is it magic? Yes.Wool? No.Waterproof? Yes, when it needs to be.Hurt-proof? Yes, when it can be.(For without water or hurt, we do not grow.)Warm? In winter or when I want it to be.Buttons? Yes. Big FUN buttons.What does it remind me of? My mom.How does it make me feel? Authentic.The best thing about it? It is my only coat! I don’t need twelve. It has an endlessness to it. A timelessness. I wore it young and I wear it old. It is young Kathryn. Old Kathryn. All Kathryns:...

Personal Board of Directors

Do you have a "Personal Board of Directors"? I have seen the idea in the Wall Street Journal and am considering the power of same. It's also another interpretation of the phrase: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, [including yourself].” ~ Jim Rohn (motivational speaker) I chose to borrow the slight addition [including yourself] to the Jim Rohn quote (hat tip to because I agree. WE are alas, one of those peeps we cannot evade, avoid, or distance from as much as we'd like to sometimes. I'm pondering a board of...

Things You Can’t Get Back

TimeYour kids as childrenThoughtless wordsYouth (different from time in a way)Virginity I was going to put innocence on the list, but I think older people can circle back to being innocent in their senility. The other things on the list we should think about before we toss them away.
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Another Way to Write a Story

Picture a stick figure in your mind’s eye. Got it? The stick figure portrays a unique way to shape a story, poem, or song. Anything creative. Starting at the feet…create from the feet up to the head. One caveat: the left foot is the unhappy foot, the right foot is the happy one. Let’s go. Feet = SetupKnees = PropellingHips= EscalationHeart = ClimaxHead = Resolution [Setup.] A person of unknown origins walks along a curb in Any City. They are young. No old. Rich. No, poor. Doesn’t matter. Right foot moves. Left foot sloshes through the dirty gutter water. Step, sploosh,...