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What if Death Quit Her Job?

Would we rejoice? Maybe. But what about her? Death has had nothing but sadness in her day job. No one likes her. No one wants to see her coming. She clearly does not enjoy her work. Who would? Coming to work is depressing. "Hello, Mrs. Jones. I'm going to take your soul today." And guess what? She has very few (no) friends. And you thought you had a bad job. Somewhere along the way, Death ended up collecting souls as part of the team in Heaven. Eventually she finds out why. And that's not to say everyone goes to heaven...
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Another Way to Write a Story

Picture a stick figure in your mind’s eye. Got it? The stick figure portrays a unique way to shape a story, poem, or song. Anything creative. Starting at the feet…create from the feet up to the head. One caveat: the left foot is the unhappy foot, the right foot is the happy one. Let’s go. Feet = SetupKnees = PropellingHips= EscalationHeart = ClimaxHead = Resolution [Setup.] A person of unknown origins walks along a curb in Any City. They are young. No old. Rich. No, poor. Doesn’t matter. Right foot moves. Left foot sloshes through the dirty gutter water. Step, sploosh,...
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Novelists Need to Know! Photo by Pixabay on What is a villain, anyway? What do you think of when you hear the word villain? It's the 'bad guy.' Okay. Yes, but it's more than a bad guy. Villains are without remorse. They. Are. Evil. They have no moral compass. No sense of right and wrong. They are motivated by things we cannot fathom, but we know a villain when we see one. Most of the time. The Literary Terms site indicates that the villain "comes up with plots to somehow cause harm or ruin." There is no good side...
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Chatting With Authors

Writers help each other! A recent YouTube Video with my mystery writer friends Janet Lynn and Will Zeillinger is a primary example! Janet and Will recently interviewed me and several other authors, editors, and various industry experts to get helpful information out to people wherever they are on their writing journey. I'm glad to be in this community!