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Everything Rests on the Tip of Your Motivation. What is yours?

Thank you to Michele Stanners for the above writing warmup this morning in the Thursday morning WRITE NOW Akimbo group.
Here was my answer:
Alors, je veux apprendre le français. C’est parce que j’aime beaucoup la langue française, et c’est bon pour ma tête. [So, I want to learn French. It’s because I like the French language a lot and it’s good for my head.]

Mais plus que ça, [But more than that] I want to keep growing. Trying. Pushing the envelope. And setting an example for myself and my peeps. I choose to engage my “tip” motivation and the emotion that goes with it EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And I ask WHAT is it for? Yes. But I also ask WHY!???

My motivation is my push to be a better person. Full stop.

Here’s what I do to feed my body and my muses. (The Muses are hungry ones.)

Play the piano
Dance flamenco


And try to be the best
Nonna (grandmother)

Then, I try to help all of those people be the best versions of themselves, too.

Isn’t that what we’re here to do?

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