Confirmation Bias

"People are prone to believe what they want to believe.*" How much of what we think we believe is true? How much do we believe it because we want to or because it fits our previous decision on a topic, a medical issue, a political candidate, our hobbies—ANYTHING. I like to think I’m challenging myself to grow in new ways by reading different genres of novels, a variety of non-fiction books on a broad spectrum of viewpoints. But am I really? What about podcasts? How can we be sure we’re not seeking agreement with where we are now? What are...


In Tom Peters’s book The Pursuit of WOW (Every Person’s Guide to Topsy-Turvy Times), he asserts via Bob Pressman, Co-CEO of Barneys, that 'safe is risky.' In other words… same old same old doesn’t excite anyone. Those people and companies that look the same and act the same as everyone else are not safe these days. Kodak. Blockbuster Video. (WHO!?)…Lol. By always playing it safe, we can remain invisible. By keeping our heads down, our eyes diverted, we don’t have to face risk. And we will be “safe.” There is no safe place. Covid taught us that. So… the better course is...

Personal Board of Directors

Do you have a "Personal Board of Directors"? I have seen the idea in the Wall Street Journal and am considering the power of same. It's also another interpretation of the phrase: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, [including yourself].” ~ Jim Rohn (motivational speaker) I chose to borrow the slight addition [including yourself] to the Jim Rohn quote (hat tip to because I agree. WE are alas, one of those peeps we cannot evade, avoid, or distance from as much as we'd like to sometimes. I'm pondering a board of...

Checking Boxes

I took Seth Godin's altMBA class. It had been on my list since 2017! Yay. I finally took it. Check. Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on I wanted a one-and-done. I wanted the magic ticket from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. The golden ring on the Merry Go Round. You’d think I was old enough to know that checking a box and doing the work are two different things. I checked the box. The checked box stares at me. I stare back. We know one of us will lose.“I have to go on to the next box,” I say.The...
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Chatting With Authors

Writers help each other! A recent YouTube Video with my mystery writer friends Janet Lynn and Will Zeillinger is a primary example! Janet and Will recently interviewed me and several other authors, editors, and various industry experts to get helpful information out to people wherever they are on their writing journey. I'm glad to be in this community!