reason-1-coloredOh, my goodness. I had this fine idea that everyone is great at starting projects and that finishing is the problem. I forgot that many times people fail to start because they fear they will never finish. So finishing is still a huge challenge, no doubt about it, but the more pernicious problem is that a finely honed track record of non-finishing keeps people from the unbridled giddiness that comes from starting something. That, and fear of looking really dumb.

I hope you can take the first step. Whatever it is, try something new this week. It doesn’t have to be huge. You can start small. Try coffee black if you’re a cream and sugar person. Try changing your morning rituals. Try a different radio station. Take a meditation class or a couple of piano lessons at the local community center. Besides, taking lessons in something you’ve always wanted to but were afraid you’d be terrible at it is delightful. Why? Because it opens you to the freedom to look goofy. So what? No one is good on the first try. And no one is looking at you because they’re mostly afraid of how silly they look!

What about the following? Perhaps you are starting something that is too easy! Or you’re just a natural at whatever it is. And how lucky you are! You are really good at something, and you didn’t even know it. Excellent surprises await the brave.

Finishing is indeed a challenge, but try starting something to experience a new you. You’re traveling new territory, and you don’t even have to get on an airplane!


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