The Early Worm

Our grandchild awaits. We’re waiting too! Oh my. What are the chances that babies even happen??? HAHA.  My ears burnas the world turnsto discerna patternthat music earnswhen it learnsof font kernsthat overturnVan Cliburna piano churnthat upturnsa smile downturnedwhen the butter churnburnsto spurnthe early worm.It’s their turnto get the bird. 


Scary? Fuggedaboudit! The next time you have a massive task facing you, you are likely to see it as a swamp filled with alligators. These menacing creatures are the ridiculously sneaky (yes, ridiculously so) critters that keep you from crossing the swamp, a.k.a. finishing your task. In fact, these large-mouth bozos will do worse: they scare you from even starting.  You're not alone. We all have swamps. We certainly have fears. But what if the alligator is mechanical? Or he just ate? Or he's lazy? Or maybe, you take an alligator gun and shoot it? Yeah. Not PC, but hey....


Oh, my goodness. I had this fine idea that everyone is great at starting projects and that finishing is the problem. I forgot that many times people fail to start because they fear they will never finish. So finishing is still a huge challenge, no doubt about it, but the more pernicious problem is that a finely honed track record of non-finishing keeps people from the unbridled giddiness that comes from starting something. That, and fear of looking really dumb. I hope you can take the first step. Whatever it is, try something new this week. It doesn't have to be huge. You can...