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What if Death Quit Her Job?

Would we rejoice? Maybe. But what about her? Death has had nothing but sadness in her day job. No one likes her. No one wants to see her coming. She clearly does not enjoy her work. Who would? Coming to work is depressing. "Hello, Mrs. Jones. I'm going to take your soul today." And guess what? She has very few (no) friends. And you thought you had a bad job. Somewhere along the way, Death ended up collecting souls as part of the team in Heaven. Eventually she finds out why. And that's not to say everyone goes to heaven...

The Early Worm

Our grandchild awaits. We’re waiting too! Oh my. What are the chances that babies even happen??? HAHA.  My ears burnas the world turnsto discerna patternthat music earnswhen it learnsof font kernsthat overturnVan Cliburna piano churnthat upturnsa smile downturnedwhen the butter churnburnsto spurnthe early worm.It’s their turnto get the bird. 
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Where Are You From?

I am from the stars. Dust. Silver-striped meteorites blown to bits by a goddess’s rage at being shunned by her lover. He left in the middle of the night the day before yesterday in cosmic time, which could have been before the earth existed. Or it could have been a second ago. I am from the beach. Sand. Washed ashore with kelp around my waist, starfish nibbling at my toes. My scalp teems with tiny organisms that lived there until now. They try to scamper back to the salty sea, yet their microcosmic feet tangle in my hair. I am from the mountains. Rock. From high...

Life’s a Crapshoot

Did you watch it? The storybook Royal Wedding? What did you take from it? That there's no predicting life. No one would have thought a Hollywood starlet would marry an honest-to-goodness prince. Well, not in real life. In stories. In movies. On TV. But not for real. But it was. Real. Rolling the Dice Back in 2006, I was becoming increasingly aware of egg donors facilities. Yes. I was pretty amazed that people were picking characteristics they wanted for their children and were buying eggs that they thought would make little people with those traits. What's cool is that it doesn't work...
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[caption id="attachment_479" align="alignleft" width="225"] Kathryn  at 18 months[/caption] It didn’t start out to be about me, but it was. In fact, it’s not about me! But LOL, it is about me. And it’s about lots of other folks like me who were adopted without knowing who their real parents were. And still don’t. A reporter in the HARO (Help A Reporter Out) space needed a few quotes about adoption. I replied that I was willing to help her. The reporter, Chandra Evans, interviewed me and the result is in this article, which turned out to be quite a lot — more than I thought...

Death in the Garden of Eden

Death sat curled up in a large swinging wicker chair in the long shuttered Garden of Eden. The warm breeze smelled of plumeria. A colorful macaw bobbed on a branch of that famous tree. The snake near the tree knew who the beautiful woman was, and recoiled from her, even though she really had no jurisdiction over the animal kingdom. Still the snake stayed his distance. A bright green frog peeked up from under a leaf. The rest of nature’s creatures crowded around in a careless exhalation of extraordinary beauty. Death went there sometimes to think things through. She loved...

Death Is Not Random

Death is not random. It just looks like it. Freak accidents. Chance missteps. Absurd consequences of non-events. Birth is not random. Looks like it but it’s not! How’d you get here, then? Of all the little eggs that don’t get fertilized down there, How…Did… YOU...Come…To…Be? Planning, I tell you, planning. It’s the same on the other end. Your death is as planned as your life. The slots are all there, waiting to be filled. Yours was waiting to be filled by you when your egg and sperm met in a specifically non-random mating of DNAs. It was a carefully planned time....