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Feedback Is a Gift

I’m a Seth Godin fan. Ahem. A HUGE Seth Godin fan. For this topic of feedback, I am borrowing from Seth Godin’s Blog, “No problem” Is a Problem. Mostly because as author and writers, or creators and performers of any kind (making music, dancing, acting, painting) we run from feedback, our hair on fire with our hands over our ears. If we had another pair of hands to cover our eyes we’d grow a pair!

If there is a “problem” with our work, we want to KNOW about it! I get better from feedback…even if it’s wrong! (haha) Speaking of which, there is no bad feedback. There are only opinions, and I am always at choice to decide how I will frame the feedback I receive.

I would LOVE it if this little post would help you on your creative path today. If you have any feedback, I would love to hear from you and I will say, “thank you.”

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