The First Time

Do you remember it? Was it good?

No, not that!

When was the first time you knew you were smart?

When was the first time you knew you were alive?

WHAT??? This is too hard a question.

I will answer that. I knew for sure I was alive when I was pregnant.

Why are first times sacred?

They make us feel alive. First grade. First date. First kiss. First “time.”

And yet we don’t savor them. We don’t even seek them out because we fear we will look stupid. Fail, fall. And yet that is how we grow.

First times cannot be repeated.

… There is no second first time.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Did you fail? Fall? Get flustered?

The last time I was doing something for the first time was six years ago when I started flamenco dancing. Which is my left foot? Still having trouble with that one. It was ridiculously difficult, but now I love it.

WITH FIRST TIMES, there’s a glorious sense of WONDER. Excitement. Magic.

What is your favorite first time story?

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